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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

റഷീദ് അത് വീണ്ടും ചെയ്തു

വെറും വര്‍ത്തമാനം,
വര്‍ത്തമാനം മാത്രം!!


kcmuraleedharan said...

Striking short poem that opens up just like a bud and ends with a prick of its sudden sharp conclusion. The poem is anchored to the multiple significations of 'വര്‍ത്തമാനം'like 'the present moment' and mere 'talking'. It consists of only six words, of which one is repeated. Three punctuation marks are used effectively to maintain a philosophical atmosphere and also to explode it finally. The philosophical tone of the first three lines is puckishly undermined with the plain and ruthless material sense conveyed by the line highlighted in red. It looks better without a title. The speaker learns how s/he talks off life dangerously (red)but tells it coolly.

Sanoop said...

This poem like Kunjunni masters poem,short and thought
"വര്‍ത്തമാനം" the word had two meaning,but in this poem he gave the importence to "talk". He talk life is present and silly

good imagination and thought